Xikar XTX Triple-Flame Lighter

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XIKAR XTX Tabletop Lighters Triple Flame

Light up your favorite cigar with a triple jet flame and don’t lose a second when the need for enjoyment arrives. Excellect quality, Elegant and Durable. There is no better choise when it comes to a Table Top Cigar Lighters. The single squeeze action has classic appeal with its ergonomical design, making the XTX lighter usable with only one hand. The XTX Table top ligthers comes in Double and Triple Flame. 


Torch Lighter: Y

Protective Lid: Y

Flame: Triple Jet Flame

Single Thumb Action: Y (Side Squeeze)

Fuel Window: Y

Adjustment Wheel: Y

Cigar Punch:

Collection: XTX

Finishes: Various

Is High Altitude: N

Is Water Resistant: N

Is Discontinued: Y

Is Limited: N