Xikar The Arsenal Gift Set

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Xikar is a well-known cigar accessories company that made its name due to its premium high-class products. The company always do justice with its prestige by introducing the best quality products. The products of this company are also unbeatable in design and finish.

This gift set includes each and every accessory that can be a need for any cigar smoker.

The box includes a lighter, stainless steel blade cutter, a battery-operated torch, a tactical pen that functions as a lighter bleeder. This box can store up to 24 cigars at a time. All the accessories included in this gift pack has a lifetime guarantee from the company.

The case of the gift box is very lightweight and easy to carry that you can use it even when you are traveling.

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel cutter
  • High flame lighter
  • Battery included flashlight
  • A tactical pen functions as a lighter bleeder