Xikar Table Top Lighter

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XiKAR"World'sBESTLighter Brand"Is a top-notch name when it comes to quality torch lighters for cigars. Cutting-edge technologies team up with new-age designs to create a one-of-a-kind start to your cigar experience. PLUS has a lifetime warranty <>Brand New!This triple flame torch table lighter Features:powerful, wind-resistant jet flame patented Electric Quartz ignition system, is an efficient cigarlighting machine.Including a smooth ignition mechanism, Large adjustment knob, and a reliable torch flame -(this's a hefty lighter going at a half a pound, 3.5"x 2.25"x 1.0")Would makevery nice Gift! [sent signature confirmation]My store has many different items, look........I try to keep my prices lower than the rest!Another Dynamic Deal from "Duanes_Deals" Some sellers have a low price but have a high charge for shipping, that's no deal!(may contain fuel from mfg. testing)