Xikar High Performance Gift Set

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The Xikar High Performance Gift Set is a combination of one existing product in a new finish and a new product packaged together and in a new finish. Those products are the Turrim 5×64 Lighter in the Full Throttle finish, and the Spark Plug Punch 11mm.

The Spark Plug Punch is a very nice punch, and does have some unique features to it. Besides looking like a spark plug and having that same racing-stripe look, it actually has two depths you can choose from when punching a cigar. It clicks once at about 2mm out and again at about 4mm, so you can choose how deep to punch your stick. The blade is very sharp and does a good job of removing the cap cleanly as you can see from the picture. I used it to punch a 48rg cigar which is pushing the limits of the size I would use this on. Anything thinner would be challenging with its 11mm size. It also comes with a keyring in case you want to attach it to something like a herfador, or keys.