Xikar 2015 Gadsden Gift Set

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The Gadsden Flag, known for its illustration of a coiled rattlesnake in black against a yellow background and bearing the words "Don't Tread on Me" has long been a symbol of opposition to tyranny. That message still resonates today, and you can capture that spirit with Xikar's Gadsden Gift Set.
The centerpiece of this set is Xikar's well-known Allume single-torch lighter with a side trigger, oversized flame height adjustment wheel and a fuel level window. It's finished in bright yellow with the aforementioned illustration. Also coming in the set is a coordinating, jet-black teardrop-shaped Xikar cutter with super-sharp stainless blades and a positive locking mechanism. Show your feelings about oppression in a stylish manner with the Xikar 2015 Gadsden Gift Set.