Villiger San'Doro Maduro

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Villiger is knocking on your 'Doro

Are you on the lookout for a premium handmade cigar? Your search is over with the Villiger San ‘Doro Maduro. Why is it so special? This cigar is a Brazilian puro, made exclusively with an all-Brazilian blend! If you’re still skeptical, your worries will wash away when you hear the sweet features of this cigar. 

The name itself is a tribute to Christopher Columbus. San ‘Doro Maduro derives from Indorum Sana Sancta which means sacred herb of India. Many believed that Columbus discovered the trail to India, and the tobacco that he brought back was known as Indorum Sana Sancta. Brazilian Mata Norte filler is the perfect core of this cigar that is flawlessly covered in a dark Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. What you get with that complementary combination, is medium-bodied rich, fruity goodness full of sweet flavors. Pair your San ‘Doro Maduro with an espresso, bourbon, or IPA for a perfectly balanced taste on your palate. This Villiger is highly recommended for cigar enthusiasts who indulge in sugary confections. Sweet satisfaction.