Villazon Torch/Cutter

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Viva la Villazon!

Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, and Excalibur… any of these names ring a bell? If not, you need to bone up on your cigar history my friend, cuz they’re quite simply some of the hottest, Cuban-roots brands around. And they were all born in one place: the Villazon factory. Over the years, the name has changed to “HATSA,” but the same famous tobacco and processes remain, including the now best-selling Villazon bundle line. So why not commemorate this piece of tobacco history with a sweet gift set? A perfect add-on item, and a reliable set from Vertigo, these Villazon branded white cutter and lighter are reliable and affordable – just like their namesake blends.

The Villazon Lighter/Cutter Gift Set includes:
1 – Villazon Vertigo Cyclone Quad Flame Lighter
1 – Villazon Vertigo 64-Ring Double Guillotine Cutter