The Pipe: A Functional Work of Art

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Some years ago, two Danish book publishers and owners of an advertising agency in Copenhagen, Denmark, Justin, and Morten, decided to make a book about cigars. This book ended out as a very nice coffee table book called The Cigar - Moments of pleasure.

When Justin and Morten traveled the world to make the cigar book they kept running into the world of pipes. Justin who is a professional photographer start taking a lot of pictures and suddenly they were in the process of making the next book called "The Pipe" (surprise!) - A functional work of art.

It is an expensive and time-consuming journey Justin, Morten and their team began, and I believe it’s been in progress for two years. Just to give you some insights:

When they made the chapter about tobacco they didn’t just google ‘Perique tobacco’.

No - they went there, met the producers, saw the fields, and took the pictures!

Last year they contacted me. They needed help with products and text. When I saw this ambitious project I declared that we (The Danish Pipe Shop) would support the project the best we can considering our company size.

With us in and then later Tom Eltang and Mac Baren it evolved into several pipe maker portraits that will be included in the book.