The Honest Pour III

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Men's version of a box of chocolates!

Brace yourselves! The Honest Pour, a downright, undeniable juggernaut of a sampler, has returned. And in true CI fashion, it is bigger and better than ever! 20 beauties for $54.99. Sounds good. Feels good. Is good. In fact it’s downright magical. How magical? I’m reluctant to say for fear of diminishing the joy of the whole by concentrating on its parts. Here are some salient points that cannot go unmentioned: 20 tasty boutiques, bursting at the seams with flavor. Then we cut price to the bone, proving the maxim that beauty may run deep, but ugly (and CI discounts) goes right to the bone!

The Honest Pour Sampler III includes:
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Archetype (6" x 50)
5 - Gurkha Black Ops Rubicon Torpedo (6.5" x 54)
5 - Mark Twain Memoir No.2 (6" x 60)
5 - Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Robusto (5"x 50)