The Best of CAO Collection

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Your favorite CAOs all in one place…

The Best of CAO Collection is by far one of the finest assortment of unique tobaccos offered by us at 

Fans of CAO always have a favorite, but they still enjoy this storied brand's expansive portfolio. Taste for yourself all of these highly-rated, hand-crafted premiums. You'll have plenty to choose from, yet enough leftover that you can share with your fellow enthusiasts during your next herf.

The Best of CAO Collection contains:
4 x CAO Brazilia Gol! (5.0"x56) - '91' rated
4 x CAO Colombia Tinto (5.0"x50) - '92' rated
4 x CAO Italia Ciao (5.0"x56) - '92' rated
4 x CAO Extreme Robusto (5.0"x54)

4 x CAO Black Bengal (6.0"x50)