Tatuaje Havana VI

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Another tasty Tatuaje for you to enjoy.

Carefully hand-crafted in Nicaragua, Tatuaje Havana VI is a richly rendered Nicaraguan puro. Dark and oily, these fine cigars combine a beautiful Nicaraguan wrapper with a robust blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos. Patiently aged and expertly balanced, Tatuaje VI is medium in body with a smooth earthy core, rich undertones and a touch of pepper.

Tatuaje Havana VI received a well-deserved 93-rating noting: "A gorgeous little corona with a dark red wrapper. It is a black cherry bomb that is peppered with spice and leather flavors. A strong, complex cigar with a long finish."

The Tatuaje brand is incredibly highly-rated, and features a huge variety of cigars.




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