Serie '55' Imperial Maduro

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Substitute my Habano for Maduro.

The triumph of Victor Sinclair’s Serie '55' Imperial Habano cannot be denied. An ultra-premium blend at an attractive price point is a recipe for success. Forward a few years and a gaggle of followers later, Jose Dominguez thought it time to expand on this magnificent concoction.

Welcome Victor Sinclair Serie ‘55’ Imperial Maduro, a heartier, chewier version of this already scrumptious treat. Substituting in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper for the well-known Habano, Jose has created a medium to full-bodied snack for all to enjoy. Inside your can find a five country cocktail of well-aged tobaccos, combined they produce complex and rich notes of coffee, chocolate, and pepper. It’s up to you to decide for yourselves if this gem outdoes its predecessor, and the odds are darn good.  




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