Rocky Patel Number 6

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What’s in a name?

Rocky Patel works hard on all of his releases to make sure they’re the best they can possibly be, and this latest release is no exception. When producing a new cigar, blenders will typically make several different slightly tweaked versions of the same blend before they settle on a final recipe. When the smoke had cleared from all of the product testing on this newest Rocky creation, it was blend number 6 that stood out as being the best. They had the perfect blend, all they needed was the perfect name. A few ideas were floated but nothing seemed to stand out to Rocky, so he decided simply to name it after the test blend number, and so the Rocky Patel Number 6 was born. 

Nish Patel describes the flavor of this beauty as having a lot of sweetness, and accurately boasts that it’s totally unlike anything else they’ve released to date. Up top is a Corojo wrapper grown in Honduras, concealing the finest leaves from Rocky’s own farms. The profile is held down by a unique honey note, overtop layers of vanilla, coffee, earth, and bread. The Patels spare no expense in creating only the best cigars, and you’ll undoubtedly agree when you light up a Rocky Patel Number 6. 

Oh, hey! Looks like Rocky Patel's Number 6 just got a 93-rating with the talking heads noting: "...the excellent draw produces dense, luxurious smoke layered with vanilla, caramel, orange peel, black pepper and cocoa bean before the spicy, nutty finish."