Rocky Patel Mega-Sampler No. VI

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It’s no secret that Rocky Patel has become one of the most successful blenders in the premium cigar industry. His brands consistently earn 90+ ratings, Sun Grown Maduro was named the #2 Cigar of 2016 (no easy task!), and fans line up around the block for events with Senor Patel. And I’ll give you a hint as to why this man is so celebrated — he does it all. And no sampler proves that better than the Rocky Patel Mega-Sampler No. VI. With the mellow and luxuriously smooth Rocky Patel Connecticut, to the chocolatey and rich Flor de San Andres, Rocky makes cigars for any palate, and this assortment of twenty 6” x 50 toros makes that point very clear. Mix in the price, and you’ll quickly realize this one can’t be beaten. Dive in deep.

Rocky Patel Mega-Sampler No. VI includes:
5 – Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (6” x 50)
5 – Rocky Patel Vintage Toro (6” x 50)
5 – Rocky Patel Flor de San Andres Toro (6” x 50)