Rocky Patel LB1

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Rocky knows Nicaraguan.

Rocky Patel might be based in Honduras, but they possess mastery of all types of tobacco. Most connoisseurs know that some of the richest, most flavorful leaf in the world is grown in the black volcanic soils of Nicaragua, due to a high concentration of nutrients not found in any other country. Combine this amazing tobacco with some of the best Honduran leaves available, and you have the base for the newest phenomenal blend from Rocky Patel.

Weighing in at a smooth medium-body, the blend starts with fillers grown in Condega and Esteli Nicaragua on Patel’s own farms. A heavy ligero from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras is added for character, and it’s all tied together with a gorgeous Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. You can expect notes of earth, toast, leather, and coffee, for a taste that’s welcome at any time of day. Rocky Patel has another instant classic with the LB1, so grab a box and try it out today!