Rocky Patel Fresh-Rolled - Corojo

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Think outside the box.

Residents of CI Nation already know CI’s Fresh-Rolled as a go-to brand for both quality and quantity, bringing you top-quality long-filler sticks for pennies on the dollar. Now we’ve teamed up with Rocky Patel to bring our Fresh-Rolled game to the next level! We could easily have stuck these in a box and charged three times as much, but we’d rather cut the fluff and bring you a great cigar for just a few bucks a pop. Introducing the Rocky Patel Fresh Rolled Corojo!

Like its predecessors, Rocky Patel Fresh-Rolled isn’t just some bargain bin seconds stick. No sir, a peek beneath the gorgeous Corojo wrapper reveals only the best long-fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua. Still not a believer? You will be once you taste the medium-bodied profile full of earth, spices, cocoa, and a hint of zesty sweetness with a silky smooth finish. Rocky Patel Fresh-Rolled sets a new standard for bundle-brand cigars, so grab a bundle today, and come back for more!