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Never heard of Cargo? Understandable, only Central America has released more brands than Rocky Patel since 2005. Here's the skinny. While Rocky Patel is mostly known for his 90+ rated, award-winning blends, RP also creates a wide profile of wallet-friendly blends that'll please your palate as much as your bank account. Affordable, dependable, and rather delicious, Rocky Patel Cargo is like a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Despite Rocky Patel Cargo's modest appearance, this medium-bodied blend delivers full-flavored goodness in spades. Nicaraguan tobaccos are carefully combined in Cuban sandwich-style, then hugged by dark and oily Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrappers to produce a rich and creamy bouquet. Earth, sweet cedar, leather, and espresso bean linger on the palate just before a sweet series of gentle spices completes each puff.