Puros Indios Viejo

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Grizzled buzzards who cruise the closeout circuit because they’re purists for sub-wholesale prices are positively ecstatic to see Puros Indios Viejo surface in the blowout bin for up to 63% off MSRP. An Ecuador Sumatra wrapper blankets an all-Honduran core of handcrafted long-filler tobaccos blended to captivate the senses and preserve your cigar-savings account with unprecedented discounts. Earthy notes of cayenne peppers, coffee beans and wood characterize an old-world smoke you can grab for the golf course, the yard, or an impromptu crowd down in your man cave without shelling out a ton of cash. Add a 20-count bundle of tasty, casual-occasion cigars to your coolerdor from a value-jammed brand, Puros Indios Viejo!

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