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Savings that pack a Punch.

For decades, Punch has been a go-to brand for anyone who seeks bold flavor with traditional nuances that are reliably satisfying. Sample an impressive collection of Punch’s best blends with the Punch Value Pack. This offering includes the rich and creamy Rare Corojo, the perfectly balanced Grand Cru, and more. This six-cigar collection embodies Punch’s long and storied past while keeping the tastes of present-day enthusiasts in mind.

Punch Value Pack contains:
1 x Punch Blue Box Champion EMS (4.5"x60)
1 x Punch Blue Box Champion MM (4.5"x60)
1 x Punch Rare Corojo Champion (4.5"x60)
1 x Punch Elite EMS (5.25"x45)
1 x Punch Gran Cru Robusto Maduro (5.25"x50)
1 x Punch Deluxe EMS (5.25"x44)