Porsche Humidor

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This exceptional humidor with its unique shape holds up to 50 cigars.

The interior of Spanish cedar wood is protected by a noble real carbon coating. The integrated humidifier in the cover ensures a constant relative humidity of 70%, which can be monitored at any time by the external hygrometer.

Porsche Design is a brand whose name conveys both its origins and its philosophy. Since 1972 – the year in which the company was founded – designers at Porsche Design have followed in the footsteps of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the company’s founder and creator of the legendary Porsche 911. It is not in the company’s nature to stand still. Porsche Design has always thought one step ahead of the curve, testing out technical possibilities and driving forward development. The desire to innovate is evident in all products created by Porsche Design. They represent the perfect harmony of design and function.

 Comes complete with Humidor Starter Pack which includes:
* Hygrometer
* Humidifier
* Cigar Cutter
* Humidification Solution
* Humidor Set up and Care Instructions