Porsche Design Baden Double Torch Flame Lighter

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a beautifully designed lighter with a powerful flame. The two wind-resistant jet flames are ignited when the single action trigger is pressed. With a unique Porsche Design logo featured on the fuel viewing window, you'll always know when it's time to refill with butane. The solid dark grey body is accompanied with a sleek brushed silver color. Located at the bottom is a built-in 8mm cigar punch, along with a flame adjuster and butane refillable port. Purchase this today from eLighters and get it personalized with laser engraving!Dark Grey Metal Body with Brushed Chrome AccentsDouble Wind-Resistant Jet Flame Lighter; Fuel Level Gauge on BackDimensions: Length: 2.55 Inches, Width: 1.5 Inches, Height: 0.5 Inches; Weight: 3.4 OuncesSingle Action Ignition; Single Motion Trigger On The TopLocated at the Bottom - Flame Adjuster; Butane Refill; Built-in 8mm Cutter