Peterson De Luxe Navy Roll Pipe

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For all of the P&C Faithful who were concerned that Dunhill tobaccos had disappeared forever - good news! The blends are back using the same exact blends and tobaccos, coming from the same factory. The only thing that's different is that they are now under the Peterson name. Even the classic artwork remains.

Peterson continues to deliver in quality and class with De Luxe Navy Rolls pipe tobacco. Each flake is hand-spun into a rope and sliced into medallions for a premium draw.  Made of sweet flue-cured tobaccos from two continents with a nice amount of tangy Louisiana Perique, there's a natural sweetness combined with a grassy/hay taste to the blend, in part due to the maturing achieved by the pressure of being spun, and the coins allow for a variety of ways to prepare your smoke. This top-shelf Peterson pipe tobacco made of the finest Virginia and Perique blends is impeccably packaged in an eye-catching tin. Save on this premium tobacco with P&C's low prices.