Perdomo La Tradicion Res. Sun-Grown

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La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve cigars. A mouthful of a name, but this series of limited edition sticks from Nick Perdomo was a real favorite of those in the know. A few years back the line disappeared, and those who got the heads up snatched all these premiums up like doomsday preppers. Now, I’m happy to announce that La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve is back and just as good as we all remember.

There are three different wrappers available on these gems, but today, let’s focus in on the Sun Grown. Those who’ve burnt Perdomo before know that the Sun Grown wrapper is a specialty of Nick’s Nicaraguan factory, and that’s more than obvious on this stick. With Nicaraguan binder and filler, the La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve Sun Grown is medium-bodied, balanced, loaded with natural sweetness, earthy notes, and slight black pepper. In short, you better snatch this one up. 


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