PDR 1878 Roast Cafe Medium (Sun Grown)

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PDR gets Infused

At the 2018 IPCPR trade show, PDR Cigars celebrated its 15th anniversary and introduced its first line of coffee infused blends. The PDR 1878 Café line is an offshoot of the original PDR 1878 line, with three coffee infused blends that are based on one of the original 1878 blends. Today we take a look at PDR 1878 Medium Roast Café which is based on PDR 1878 Capa Sun Grown. 

It features an Ecuador Sun Grown wrapper over a Dominican binder and long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Many brands have put out coffee infused blends but what sets these apart is the use of real cane sugar in the infusion process which provides a nice touch sweetness to this medium-bodied blend. The coffee flavor is apparent in each puff, but it’s also subtle and never overpowering. We tried a couple of coffee infused blends at the show this year, and this one just may have been the best, I suggest giving it a try.