Padilla Finest Hour - Sungrown

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The evolution of an Icon

In the cigar ‘biz, it’s not uncommon for brands to go through packaging updates, relaunches, and tons of “mulligans” throughout the years. A story most familiar to fans of Padilla. Let’s be clear – these cigars have always been excellent, but Ernesto loves to tinker with the look of his brand and keep things constantly fresh and contemporary. Today, we welcome the newest face of Padilla: Finest Hour. And it’s a most fine look indeed. 

Available in three wrapper varieties, today we’re looking at the Sungrown version. A decadent Nicaraguan puro, this cigar features 100% long-leaf Nicaraguan tobacco including a gorgeously rustic Sun Grown leaf up to. Toast the foot and loads of cocoa and creaminess greet the palate along with a warm, caramel like natural sweetness. A truly refined experience, Padilla Finest Hour Sungrown is a must-try.