Padilla Finest Hour - Connecticut

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From Cuban roots to modern-day Classics

Padilla cigars may have only began in 2003, but their roots extend back far in cigar history. Growing up, Ernesto lived in the Pinar del Rio growing region in Havana. There, his father would grow tobacco and sell to the cigar brokers and factories. From a young age, Ernesto Padilla was surrounded by cigars, and from that heritage grew his modern classic brand. 

Today, we welcome the newest batch of top-shelf Padilla cigars, The Finest Hour. Crafted in honor of Winston Churchill’s famous speech, these decadent specimens come in three different wrappers. For the Connecticut version, you’ll find a seamlessly smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut shade leaf over top a dual binder of Nicaraguan tobacco and Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Sophisticated and balanced, Padilla Finest Hour Connecticut exudes loads of creamy flavor backed by toasted nuances.