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Oliva produces a ton of cigars each year. And while all of them are rolled by the experienced professional rollers that they employ, their new trainees need something to work on as well. This is where the Protégé comes into play: when new rollers step onto the floor at the Oliva factory, there are put to work in the best way possible, working on producing some of the company's most-popular blends. Packaged in bundles of 20 and without bands, Oliva's newest torcedores are sharpening their skills under the Protégé line.

Now in the ranks as one of Oliva’s top five best-sellers, the Protégé line has seen much praise as a former Cigar Aficionado Top 25 honoree and acquiring many 90 + ratings.  While the Protégé's blend information is being kept under wraps currently, we can tell you that this cigar proves itself among the highest-rated Oliva cigars. Offered in either a Connecticut or Habano wrapper, Protégé is the best way to get the high-quality Oliva experience you've come to enjoy, but without the premium price tag.