Obsidian White Noise

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Like an angel on your shoulder in counterpoint to the savory devil that is the original Obsidian cigar, the Obsidian White Noise is nearly as wickedly potent as its darker brethren and just as delicious. But that’s where the similarities end. Instead of containing a tweaked filler blend or different wrapper compared to its predecessor, this smoke is an entirely new recipe and experience despite sharing a name and heritage. Inside, a robust selection of the finest aged longleaf from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic is held in place by more Dominican tobacco for the binder, all of which is then sheathed by an exquisite Habano leaf from Ecuador.

Don’t let the bright white vestment borne by each glorious vitola give you the wrong impression, for these luminous stogies are easily medium-full in strength and so full in body you may think you’ve died and gone to flavortown. Covering the two lower thirds of each Obsidian White Noise, the overly large band will need to be removed before lighting to reveal the oily and well-constructed barrel. As you wrap a knuckle around the golden-brown Habano wrapper and begin slowing puffing through the generous draw, expect plenty of molasses sweetness beneath the earthy and woody firmament. The mid-point floods the palate with cream, cocoa, and a touch of citrus alongside black coffee and white pepper, while the finale soars with abundant spice and cedar.

It won’t take a moment of divine inspiration to encourage the humble aficionado to buy themselves a host of Obsidian White Noise cigars. Instead, the earthly desire to save massive amounts of cash will likely be the main reason to make a pilgrimage to this temple of tobacco, only to find holy place you’ll seek to visit again and again. Just don’t forget to offer thanks to the skilled torcedors who made it all possible.


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