MO Meerschaum Legend

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The Rob Roy shape features a wider and more rounded bowl, which tapers off towards the base, resulting in an almost strawberry or acorn to the bowl. Corn cobs have a slightly bad reputation, they are seen as the disposable pipe. A cheap alternative to briar and therefore inferior too, but thats not fair at all. The Missouri Meerschaum pipes are made by hand, using specifically bread corn. The porous husk allows for a dryer smoke, absorbing the moisture and like Clay & Meerschaum smokes very cool. Unlike Briar and other wooden pipes, a carbon cake is not required. The first few smokes have a sweet, nutty taste but after that the pipe holds no background flavours and always gives a pure taste to the tobacco. Many blenders (our self's included) use Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipes to sample blends, for the neutral taste.

The Bowls of the Missouri Meerschaum Legend pipes are sealed with plaster of paris and finally varnished, this makes the pipe more durable. A wooden peg/shank is used, with a soft plastic mouth piece and a 4mm Medico filter. 

Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipes with always have those who look down and see a poor smoking pipe. Whereas those who smoke them, appreciate Cobs for all their benefits. For less than £5 you can have a pipe that with a little care will last between 1-3 years. You cant even get a clay pipe for that money and they designed to thrown away. 

Ideal for those new to pipe smoking or those of us who like to try different tobaccos and do not to ruin a good briar with ghosted flavours.


Pipe Material : Corn Cob
Shape : Billiard
Finish : Smooth
Colour : Natural (Yellow)
Mouthpeice : Tapered with Fishtail (Plastic)
Filter : 4mm