Mike & Russ - The Mind Meld Verginia Perique

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Both Mike McNiel and Russ Ouellette have some very popular Virginia/Perique blends under their belts, so when they teamed up for the Mind Meld series, you would expect that they would include one, and it's something special. Mike & Russ - The Mind Meld Virginia Perique uses a tasty mixture of red, orange, and stoved black Virginia combined with a good amount of Perique, but the flue-cured leaf is so flavorful that the Perique isn't the major player. There's a zesty sweetness with a bit of spirits-like tang, even though there's no top-dressing. The Perique shows itself more with a dark fruitiness, but there's just a hint of pepper in the flavor profile. If you're a fan of any of the VaPers created by Mike or Russ, wait 'til you see what they can do when they work together!