Medal of Valor

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When I first took up the pipe in the mid-seventies, I was fascinated by the varieties of tinned pipe tobaccos. These were brands I never saw in a drugstore or supermarket, and one tin jumped out at me because of the gorgeous design of the label. It was a Lane Limited tobacco, and I bought a tin. It was a rich, medium-bodied Latakia blend with a different flavor because it contained Dubec and Mahalla. I enjoyed it greatly, but then it was gone.

Flash forward to today. Our friends at Lane Limited have revived this great old blend, so Medal of Valor (and, yes, for those of you who remember the original, the name has changed slightly) is back with that same blend and beautiful tin art. If you tried it in the past, you’re in for a stroll down memory lane. For those who never tried it, you have a treat in store.