La Palina Bronze Label

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This Bronze is Pure Gold

More than a century ago, Samuel Paley opened his own cigar shop in Chicago, created the La Palina brand, and hosted the “La Palina Hour” radio show. A rich tradition that began right here in the U.S., La Palina still stands tall today as a symbol of luxury, elegance, and unrivaled taste. Their newest blend, the La Palina Bronze Label, fits right into their portfolio – offering up a timeless medium-bodied blend that any cigar fan will love. 

Originally blended as a TAA Exclusive, La Palina Bronze Label is handmade in Honduras. From wrapper to filler, you’ll find only the highest-quality Honduran tobacco here, plus a few leaves of choice Nicaraguan long-filler. Each draw offers crisp notes of cedar, a dry, earthy undertone, chocolate, and black pepper. Give this one a little time, and I guarantee the ratings will start flowing — once you try one for yourself, you’ll understand why.




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