La Barba 5-Star Sampler

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What a bountiful beard!

It’s been a few years now since the world first saw the straight-razor bands and wondered, “Who the hell is Tony Bellato?” New faces in the cigar industry are relatively uncommon, but Bellato quickly proved that his La Barba (Spanish for 'the Beard) brand is here to stay. By utilizing some of the finest and most unique Dominican tobacco in addition to rigorous quality control, Bellato secured himself a fast rise to the top. Now you have the chance to experience the blends that put him on the map with the La Barba 5-Star Sampler! 5 top-shelf blends from a true cigar innovator, ranging from medium to full body, are just a click away. Pick one up today, and see what makes this razor so sharp.

The La Barba 5-Star Sampler Includes:
1 - La Barba Red Robusto (4.5”x 52)
1 - La Barba Purple Robusto (5”x 50)
1 - La Barba Ricochet San Andres Robusto (5”x 50)
1 - La Barba Ricochet Mexi-Sol Gran Robusto (5.5”x 54)
1 - La Barba One & Only (6.5”x 54)