La Aurora Principes

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Big on value, small on price.

La Aurora cigars are made in the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic – established in 1903 with a rich 100 year tradition of cigar making. Popular among native Dominicans, they’re made from the trimmings of the regular La Aurora cigar production and are the pride of the Dominican cigar industry. Principes are short-filler blends offering a flavorful medium-bodied taste and smooth draw. And at these prices, you can enjoy these day in and day out without breaking a sweat.

Great news! Principes are now available in flavors! Made the exact same way as the original Principes line, and are gently infused with delicious all-natural flavors.

NOTE: La Aurora Principes have undergone a packaging change. The cigars have not changed at all, just the names on the boxes.

Cherry is now "Red".
Natural is now "Original".
Chocolate is now "Brown".
Rum is now "Caribbean".
Vanilla is now "Blond".