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In a national survey of cigar lovers who smoke flavored cigars, Havana Honeys was the overwhelming favorite. Made by hand with silky Indonesian Sumatra wrappers, the mild blend of perfectly-aged Seco and Olor long filler offer the 'ultimate' smoke in a flavored Dominican blend.


A trip to Havana without leaving home.

There are a lot of choices among flavored cigars out there, and out of all the ones I’ve tried, I’d rank Havana Honeys at or near the top of the list.  These rich and flavorful cigars are perfect for a relaxing everyday experience and will provide a nice change of pace.

These beauties come in your choice of the delicious and exotic flavors and aromas of old Havana. Each of these delectable morsels are crafted with a blend of Dominican and Italian tobaccos encased in a natural leaf wrapper and binder lovingly grown on the island of Indonesia. Upgrade your flavored cigar game with a taste of Havana. 

Original Flavor: Made with an exotic blend of Dominican tobaccos, the Original Flavor is a perfectly smooth Cuban-esque blend. Packed with traditional tobacco flavors and enjoyable down to the nub.​

Classic Cognac: There are few things more classic than a good Cognac, and the Classic Cognac brings that distinct three finger night cap flavor in cigar form. A premium cigar with a deeper, more mature flavor.

Sweet Honey: A flavor that even Yogi and Boo Boo can get behind! Sweet Honey builds on an exotic blend to provide a sweet and smooth experience. The best seller in the Havana Honeys line, and for good reason.

Spiced Rum: For the adventurous at heart, give the Spiced Rum a go. Equipped with a rich and unique twist on the Havana Honeys premium blend, this sucker brings the heat with sweet, spicy nuances of premium Caribbean rum.