Gurkha Beauty

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Gurkha Beauty — a phenomenon that many of you cigar lovers have surely heard of. One of the finest examples of the ultra-premium wares in the Gurkha house of brands, Beauty reigns supreme as the smoothest, most luxurious Gurkha on the market. Each patiently crafted cigar in this box comes attractively packaged inside a heavy glass tube, but the presentation is just the beginning. 

Expertly showcasing an ultra-rare blend of 5-year-aged tobaccos and a superior Connecticut-seed wrapper of only the finest grade, this cigar might just bring a tear to your eye. A divine experience is offered on each and every cigar that’s deep in rich and luxurious flavors. A sweet mixture of cream, toasted nuts, and slight cedar gently greets the palate with each sip, inviting you to continue indulging until the nub. Pick up Gurkha Beauty today, and experience cigars at their finest.