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Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0


  • The Ultra 3.0 is a sleek & attractive electronic humidification solutions of its kind. Designed to mount on the lid of the humidor – Takes up minimal space (Includes strong mounting magnet)
  • Powers up via streamlined thin electronic ribbon/micro-USB connector to standard USB AC power adapter – No drilling necessary!
  • The 3.0 line features enlarged Soft-Touch buttons and 5x larger back-lit LCD which displays humidity & temperature readings as well as humidity set point, and low water alerts – Easy to read from afar and without opening the humidor
  • Comes with a retreated water cartridge that uses distilled water only (average refill time is 4-6 weeks) – No mess or fuss, simply fill, snap back on and you’re all set
  • The sensor controlled fan circulates the air in the humidor, this both insures that every part of the humidor receives an equal distribution of humidity and also helps eliminate any “musty” odors from the usual buildup of dead air in passively humidity controlled humidors