Don Jesus

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“7th Wonder of the World” indeed!

Here’s a sad story with a happy ending. A few months ago, we purchased a closeout lot. A favor to friend kind of thing. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Here’s our punishment. Among some more decent brands was a gem labeled Don Jesus. Funny enough alone, but it gets better. Closer examination revealed the number of cigars on the bundle manually scribbled out with a Sharpie. Bearable, I guess. But it gets worse. The ‘Don Jesus’ label was obviously applied over another label to intentionally cover it up. Underneath? Another label of a brand called Desperado Seconds.

A cigar described in print, on the sticker, by the manufacturer as, “These are not first quality cigars, not stemless, perfect, or spectacular in any way.” Good. Now that my cards are all on the table, here’s the happy ending. We burnt a bundle. They’re not that bad, and I want to wash my hands of this mess quickly. So my offer to you is this: I’m not going to make any money on these and you get a half-decent cigar or well under a buck a pop. Help me out, would ya? ​Your choice of Connecticut or Maduro wrapper.