Diesel Accessory Assortment

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A must have accessory assortment for any Diesel fan!

Diesel Cigars, the king of bold, and Xikar, an industry titan in high quality smoking accessories team up to bring us the Diesel 6-Finger Ashtray by Xikar. Heavy in the hand, this ashtray features a brown painted melamine body with the Diesel Logo etched in the bowl and printed on front. It has a raised rim around the large bowl and room to rest 6 cigars, perfect for a poker night or any other herfing event with the guys. With this ashtray, you will receive a Xikar Stratosphere II lighter. A water-resistant and high altitude lighter that is up to any task you may require of it. This lighter can pass most everyday tests and will reliably light your cigar time and time again. Whether you plan on lighting one up in the wind and rain, at high altitude, or sea level, the Xikar Stratosphere II is the only rugged, dependable, lighter that won’t fail. And this special Diesel Edition comes with the Diesel logo emblazoned on the side, so you don't only get great performance, you get it in style. Everything you need to display your love of Diesel loud and proud!