Decatur Ream-All

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One of the most daunting tasks for a pipe collector is reaming a pipe. Some reamers are a little flimsy, and there's always the concern that you might bend it while reaming. Others are much more solidly built, but now you're concerned that you could damage the pipe. Some reamers can only handle a narrow range of chambers, and the ones that are fully adjustable are pricey. What's the answer? The Decatur Ream-All. This durable reaming set comes with a durable t-handle and four different-sized reaming heads that snap into the handle. You feel in complete control of the tool, and the four strong blades on each head make cutting back the cake a breeze.  Decatur Ream-All is reasonably priced, and will last for years.

The kit includes four reaming heads in the following diameters: