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A time-tested brand gains a new addition 

With over a century of experience in the cigar industry, the Quesada clan knows their way around tobacco. Manuel “Manolo” Quesada was brought up in this lifestyle, and for him, blending is in his blood. Right out of high school, Manuel went to work for his father’s tobacco brokerage in the Dominican Republic. He had the tough task of burning different premium tobaccos in order to better describe the taste to their clients - this is also where he acquired his passion to blend the best cigars around. Nowadays, with 90+ rated blends boasting the Quesada name, Manuel has become one of the top manufactures in the biz. His newest addition is the Cubita Nouveau, big flavor with a value price tag.

The Cubita line has been around for about twenty years, loyal consumers are finally being rewarded with this long-awaited new extension to the line. Nouveau utilizes premium Dominican tobaccos in its every aspect, wrapper, binder, and filler. This medium-bodied Dominican puro was crafted with an everyday price in mind. At less than five bucks per stick, Manuel wanted a blend for the masses with a great taste that customers can afford to enjoy daily. With bold flavor and a cool, slow burn, Nouveau is the perfect option to fill up a nice chunk of the humidor.


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