Cuban Honeys Robusto Collection

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Sweet and smooth

If you haven’t tried Cuban Honeys cigars yet, you’re missing out on an absolutley delicious flavored cigar experience. These blends are handmade in the Dominican Republic, with tobacco grown in the richest soil the country has to offer. Infused with delicious flavors of Cherry, Coffee, and many more, Cuban Honeys are the perfect marriage between premium cigar quality, and pleasant, sweet flavorings. You won’t find any funky burns or odd aromas here — this lineup is packed to the gill with value-friendly, time-tested winners. And with our CI-Discount-Secret-Recipe added to the mix, we’ve got the full lineup of Cuban Honeys available at a price that makes these stogies just that much sweeter.

The Cuban Honeys Robusto Collection includes:
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Coffee (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Southern Gentleman (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Cherry (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Dr. Kocher (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Drunk Truffle (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Honey (5" x 50)
2 - Cuban Honeys Robusto Vanilla (5" x 50)