Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection

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100% homegrown, baby!

Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection is by far the most impressive Cuba Aliados to date. Crafted solely with tobaccos from the Reyes family's Honduran farm, this hearty medium to full-bodied handmade is a delight. The fillers, wrapper, and binder are all Cuban-seed tobaccos patiently grown, and then carefully fermented by the legendary Reyes family. Each cigar comes packed to the gills with these rich tobaccos, as a dark and oily wrapper greets you from the outside. Densely packed, Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection speaks volumes unleashing waves of pepper, coffee bean, cocoa, and a semi-sweet finish.

Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection earned an impressive 93-rating, noting: "A dark Robusto whose toasty undertones are a flavor base for bold chocolate notes, red wine intonations, and a meaty finish. The cigar draws and burns evenly."