Cu-Avana Maduro

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Even the King has a dark side!

The Cu-Avana natural Connecticut shade line is hugely popular. I don't blame you for liking them - smooth, mellow, well-made, very consistent. The Maduro only adds to that luster, offering a little kick to the blend.

Introducing, the Cu-Avana Maduro. This is wonderfully constructed. Just rolling it between your forefinger and thumb you can feel the quality. The naturally-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper leaf is enticing just to look at, with a deep, rich color and oily to the touch. Lighting it up, you’ll notice a perfectly slow burn, some subtle spicy notes and layers of complexity that mellow suddenly into a very pleasant and sweet cigar you could puff on all day long – simply awesome. Take the same Dominican long-filler blend as the Cu-Avana natural, wrap it in a gorgeous natural maduro leaf, and you've got yourself a winner! Smooth and pleasant.

If you're experiencing Deja Vu right now, don't worry! Cu-Avana Maduros are back on the market and better than ever, and I'm sure you all remember how great they were before.