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Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0

  • The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 is everything you dreamed of for a cabinet humidification system – The sealed design makes it ideal for any size cabinet (10-50 cubic ft.) Will never over-humidify!
  • The updated 3.0 enlarged LCD display/remote now read humidity, temperature and current set point. Easy to read from afar and without opening the humidor. – And now with updated soft-touch buttons
  • The sensor is on the remote so you get place where you prefer. It uses a six foot extension and can be located anywhere within the humidor. (Includes strong 3M mounting lock)
  • Transparent water base with expanding water beads for balanced humidity release using distilled water only (average refill time is 2-5 weeks)
  • Sensor controlled fan circulates the air & humidity in the humidor, this both insures that every part of the humidor receives an equal distribution of humidity (No need to rotate cigars) and also helps eliminate any “musty” odors from building up.