Peterson Nightcap

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For all of the P&C Faithful who were concerned that Dunhill tobaccos had disappeared forever - good news! The blends are back using the same exact blends and tobaccos, coming from the same factory. The only thing that's different is that they are now under the Peterson name. Even the classic artwork remains.

PetersonNightcap is one of the "big three" Peterson blends and is far and away the heftiest of the bunch. There are excellent Virginias and Orientals in this Dunhill tobacco blend, no doubt, but the real stars of this show are the substantial amount of fine Latakia and the addition of darkly sweet and peppery Perique in this Nightcap. For a full-bodied smoke that's the ideal ending to a long day, this rich Nightcap tobacco is a superb choice to add to your Peterson collection.