Colibri S-Cut Cutter 'EZ-CUT'

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Your favorite cutter with added precision

The Colibri S-Cut ‘Easy Cut’ Cutter is an extension of their very popular S-Cut Cutter line.  The S-Cut houses all the features you need. A stationary bottom blade with a spring loaded top blade that slides on a track system that prevents any tilting of the blade to ensure a clean cut time and time again. There is also a built in ball bearing system to prevent the blades from separating, which often causes pinching or ripping of the cigar.

The S-Cut ‘Easy Cut’ Cutter comes with all these top notch features as well but is also equipped with a closed back which will prevent you from snipping too much of the cap off. This efficient add on will let you cut a depth of just 2 millimetres for a consistently precise and clean cut.  With the ergonomic shape and rubberized grip the Easy Cut may just be the last cutter you will ever need.