Colibri S-Cut Cutter

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Colibri’s newest innovation

The Colibri S-Cut features the same styling as the ever popular Colibri V-Cut cutter, and may just be the last cutter you’ll ever need. With its ergonomic hourglass design and pleasing curves, this cutter feels good in the hand and will give you a razor sharp straight cut time and time again.

This guillotine cutter features a stationary bottom blade and a spring loaded top blade that slides on a track system. This will prevent any extraneous and potentially damaging side-to-side tilting of the blades for a clean cut every time. There is also a built-in ball-bearing system to prevent the dual blades from separating, which is often the culprit behind pinched or ripped tobacco.

Within the S-Cut line there is an “ez-cut” version featuring a closed back body that’ll prevent you accidentally snipping too much off the cap. This precise cut limits the depth of your cut to just 2 millimeters resulting in a consistently perfect and clean cut.