Cojimar Premium Maduro

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A modern-day classic goes dark

Cojimar Premium Maduro quickly proved that the Cojimar brand is awesome, and here to stay. Named after a famous fishing town right outside of Havana, Cuba, this Cuban-Esque brand is manufactured under the watchful eyes of the fan and industry-favorite Gurkha brand.

While the Natural version of this cigar was smooth sailin’, this one’s a dark, rich experience that all Maduro lovers can get behind. Delivering a medium to a full-bodied cocktail of chocolate, earth, leather, and a slight spice, the Cojimar Premium Maduro is a must-try cigar if you want an awesome cigar to toast up. It ain’t often I cough up top dollar for a cigar, but a premium like this is truly worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and grab a 5-pack, you won’t regret it.