CI's Connecticut Cravings Mega-Sampler

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Don't fight it...

Your buddies all might like to tell you that they only really enjoy the dark, oily, spicy stuff, but the numbers don't lie. Connecticut is still king, and the Connecticut Cravings Mega-Sampler contains a bountiful assortment of high-end sticks wrapped in the lovely golden leaf, Mellow-bodied selections from the Montecristo, Oliva, and Perdomo are joined by the new Man O' War Valkyrie and slashed to more than half off MSRP, so you can fire up a Connecticut whenever the craving hits!

CI's Connecticut Cravings Mega-Sampler includes:
5 - MOntecristo White Label Rothschild (5" x 52)
5 - Man O' War Valkyrie Robusto (5.2" x 50)
5 - Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc Churchill (7" x 50)
5 - Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Epicure (6" x 54)